IM 70.3 Muncie Countdown!

Only 2 more days till IM 70.3 Muncie! Yes, the countdown is on! It’s weird, I’ve been so busy since IM 70.3 Syracuse that it doesn’t seem like it’s time for Muncie already, but here it is! Tomorrow we’ll be driving to the race site for check-in, and then Saturday is the big day! My excitement level for this race isn’t as much as it was for Syracuse unfortunately. The last 3 weeks have really been jam packed, and I haven’t had much time to even think about this race! Perhaps that’s a good thing though. Maybe that’ll keep me from getting in my head and over-thinking my race strategy too much!

Yesterday, I finally sat down and looked over the athlete guide, checked out the swim, bike, run courses, and looked at the weather report for the weekend.

Looking at the bike elevation profile made me laugh! Sooooo flat compared to Syracuse! In one aspect, that’ll help me. However, I have no excuse for biking slow IF I bike slow. :) In Syracuse, I could blame all my woes on the hills; not in Muncie!

Notice the HUGE elevation gains.

Notice the HUGE elevation gains.

 Compared to……

Ah, so flat! :)

Ah, so flat! :) A gain of just 528 feet!!

The weather report doesn’t look too bad either! Right now, the forecast for Saturday is low temperature of 68, high of 83 with a 30% chance of thunderstorms. Not too bad…could be better, but definitely could be worse! I’m hoping to finish the race before the temp reaches the high for the day!

I also looked up the current water temperature in the reservoir we’ll be doing the swim course in. Unfortunately, I discovered the water temps are between 77-78 degrees! You know what that means…..not wet suit legal. I’m hoping the temp goes down before Saturday so that I can wear my wet suit! It’s not that I’m concerned about being cold in the water, it’s that I want the assistance from wearing it!! But, I do have a back up plan in case I can’t wear my wet suit. I have a one piece tri suit that I’ll wear for the race. It’s not the most comfortable, but it won’t create drag in the water like my two piece short and top would!

And the good news is this suit still matches my bike!

And the good news is this suit still matches my bike!

Any one ever done a non-wet suit legal swim before? 

Would you rather wear a wet suit, or go without?

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