The importance of a triathlon coach

As a triathlete, I am realizing the importance of a coach more and more. Before getting into tris, I was a marathoner and ultra-marathoner. I always wrote my own training plans and did pretty well for myself. However, when I entered the triathlon world, I quickly realized I knew nothing about how to train well for a triathlon without killing yourself!

Therefore, I am really thankful for my coach. He does all the research to find the best training methods. He plans out my training plan so that I will peak at the right time of year, but also so that I won’t burn out mid-training. He also can adjust my training plans if he notices I start to get excessively tired, or if I am handling a workout too easily. He keeps me on track with my goals-we decide them together, and then he finds a way for me to achieve them. One big thing he’s helped me with though is my swimming. When I registered for my first triathlon, I had no formal swim training. I hoped in the pool for the first time and discovered that I was not going to make it through a tri without some swim lessons. My coach found the appropriate literature for swim instruction, and read it, then had me read it. Then he found a swim clinic close to me, and sent me to it. He has also proved invaluable on race day. He calms my nerves by reassuring me of my preparation and strength. He also doubles as my equipment manager and makes sure everything on my bike is working properly. I would not be the athlete I am today without some excellent coaching! 20140128_202645

Oh, and one more perk-my coach is my husband! I can’t think of a better man to be my coach than the person who knows me best as a person and an athlete. Also, I get the added benefit of him being around for ALL of my training and racing! Any other coach would only have interaction with his athletes a few times a week at most, and then likely go to races with them.

This was at our very first race together

This was at our very first race together

If you are a triathlete (or even a runner), and are looking to move to the next level, I strongly suggest employing a coach! Even if it’s just online coaching, it can be super helpful!

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