Juicer! For all your jucing needs…

My husband loves juice. I like it, but it’s not something I would drink if it wasn’t in my home. John likes to drink it every day though. We discovered that not only was juice very sugary, but it’s also pretty expensive. Even more expensive are the “healthy” juices. So, for Christmas, we asked for a juicer! We finally tried it out this week, and man is it awesome! John really likes carrot juice, so that’s what we made.IMG_0822[1]

All you need to make this juice is carrots. You just put them in the motor one at a time, and it squeezes all the juice out! It used  A LOT of carrots, but the juice turned out so smooth! No pulp left in it whatsoever. And it was good! I think I’ll be eating a lot more juice this way! IMG_0821[1]

The only slightly sad part is, once you get the juice out, you have A TON of pulp left over! At first we were just going to throw it away, but I decided to look online to see if there were some uses for fruit/vegetable pulp. AND there is! I found this great website with 10 uses for pulp left over from juice. I plan to try the bread and pancakes!!IMG_0824[1]

Have any of you tried a juicer before? I now highly recommend it! What a great way to have healthy nutrients than to make your own juice? :) My next adventure will be making beet juice! I’ve heard it’s excellent for speeding up recovery!!

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