Last minute race prep

This week has been FILLED with last minute race prep! Let me tell you, prepping for a race 13 hours and 1 country away from you is ROUGH! Haha, logistically anyway. I am very excited, but my week has been consumed with race details.

I spent all day at work Tuesday, and much of the day Wednesday prepping classes, assignments, and treatment lists ahead of time for the various co-workers of mine covering for me. (Thank you co-workers!) They are seriously amazing! Taking time off during the semester when you are a teacher/athletic trainer is usually not an option. Thanks to them, it is for me!

Tuesday night, and last night, I spent the evening PACKING!

One bag down, two to go!

One bag down, two to go!

Wow, you have to pack a lot more clothes for a race when you’re leaving 3 days prior! Also, since the race is so far away, and in a different country, I don’t know what I’ll have access to there (fuel and food-wise), so I’m bringing any fuel/food I could possibly need for the next few days! I’m also bringing a lot of cooler weather clothing because the lows each day in Canada are in the 40s! That’ll feel preettttty chilly compared to our 90 degree weather we’ve been having here!

We are beginning our journey a little later this morning! We’ll be loading up the car soon, and heading on our way! We’ll stay in the US tonight, then drive the rest of the way to Canada on Friday. I’ll go through the athlete check in, go to the pre-race banquet, attend the athlete briefing, and walk in the athlete parade! (I know, parade!!!).

Then Saturday all I’ll have to do is a little pre-race warm up, check my bike into transition, and relax (or attempt to!).

And then Sunday is RACE DAY!! im703wc-2014-mt-qc-thumb-580x268-4312

I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to post an update before the race or not, so if I don’t, you can track me on Sunday through the Ironman tracker here. I’ll be tweeting a little throughout the weekend, but not live because I can’t use my data package on my cell phone in Canada! booo. So I’ll be tweeting when we have wifi access.

See you on the other side!

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