Layton Half Marathon Race Recap

This is long overdue, but I wanted to finally post recaps of my last two races in 2016, so here is my recap of the half marathon I ran in October-the Layton Half Marathon!

This was my first road race since moving to Utah, and my first half marathon in several years! I was really excited about this race because it started on causeway toward Antelope Island (a popular island around here that has both antelope AND buffalo!). I thought the race would actually go ON TO the island, so I was a bit disappointed when we started and actually ran AWAY from the island. However, I think the race director got that sentiment from several people, because I just found out last week that he’s changed the course for next year, and it will be completely on the island next year!! Which means I’m definitely doing this race again! Yay for running with buffalo!

The unfortunate thing about this race since it started on the causeway and it was a point-to-point race was, we had to park at the finish line and take a bus to the start…….2 hours prior to race start! Also, this race was on October 8th, so it was very chilly that early in the morning! Thankfully, the bus drivers let us sit in the bus until 30 minutes prior to the race start, so we didn’t freeze! I got out of the bus when we were kicked out, and figured I’d run my warm-up and get mentally prepared to race. A couple people asked me what my goal was-all I cared about was getting a PR, but I secretly hoped to placed 1st overall female as well. :)

The awesome view of the island from the causeway!

The awesome view of the island from the causeway!

We started the race, and I went out with the lead pack-a group of 5 guys. I stuck with them for a couple miles but then knew that I needed to slow down a bit if I was to keep from crashing. The sun was just starting to rise as we got off the causeway, and I started to warm up, which was nice. My race plan was to hold steady for the first 9 miles of the race, and then pick it up from there.

I actually really enjoyed the race course, despite not getting to run on the island. I hadn’t ran around that area before, so I liked seeing the “sights” along the way as I ran. The race was low in attendance, so I didn’t have anyone to run with for most of the race after letting the lead pack get away, but that didn’t bother me too much since I typically run alone. I just held to my race plan and charged forward!

When I hit mile 9, I felt great and was ready to kick my pace up a notch. This was the part of the race where there were a few hills for 2 miles though. So, even though I pushed harder during this section, my pace held steady.

At mile 11, the sun really started to shine and I actually began to get pretty hot. Also, this race held a 5 and 10k that started and ended at the half-marathon finish line, so at this point, I was meeting runners who were going in the opposite direction I was. It’s difficult to explain, but this made it very mentally challenging to push hard toward the finish when a ton of people were running TOWARD me instead of with me.

I rounded the last corner and when I saw the finish line, I pushed as hard as I could, knowing I wanted to get as fast a time as possible! I did end up achieving my goal of 1st overall female, AND gained a new PR in the half marathon!

1st place female!

1st place female!

This was a great race for me, and a huge confidence booster! I’m really glad I did it, and am excited to run it again next year!

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