Life Lately (and new races!)

Hey guys! So, I’m not going to be doing regular weekly updates for you this year (because they’re not super exciting), but I do want to occasionally update you on training life!

My training life has been pretty busy these last few months as I’m preparing for my first race of 2017! I’ve never done a “big” race this early in the year, so it should be interesting! Instead of using January to build my base, I am ramping up this month with 2.5 hr long runs in the frigid cold!!!

I am privileged to be sponsored by Hammer Nutrition again this year, so I’m excited to continue to represent them and get to use their amazing products! I just got my first order from them this past week, and I’m excited about my new gear!

Super cute tank top, and I'm LOVING the sweatshirt! I may or may not have worn it every night this week!!

Super cute tank top, and I’m LOVING the sweatshirt! I may or may not have worn it every night this week!!


I’m also continuing to swim and bike (though swimming is kind of on the back burner!), but along with that, I’ve been doing A LOT of skiing/snowboarding! We LOVE living so close to the mountains now, and we have been making the most of it! We got season passes to our favorite mountain, and have been squeezing in skiing whenever we can! Some people might not consider this working out, but those people have probably never skied! I’m always super sore after a day of skiing!

Along with training and skiing, I’ve been keeping super busy with my new job as well (which I still love!). I seriously think I have the best job out there! My co-workers are awesome, the students are great, the campus is beautiful, it’s perfect. :)

So the last update is, I’ve finally managed to finalize my race calendar for 2017! I’d been putting off signing up for more races because….I’m cheap…but I found out about an awesome deal on a race company I like, so I bit the bullet and signed up for the remainder of my racing season! Here’s what this year will look like for me:

  • February: Moab Red Hot 33K
  • May: Ogden Marathon
  • June: Drop 13 Half Marathon
  • September: Bear Lake Brawl 70.3 Triathlon
  • October: Antelope Island Half Marathon

Along with that, I might do a Turkey trot and a little sprint tri in the fall, but those aren’t set in stone yet, and I need some time for my wallet to recover from my race purchases! I’m excited about our first FULL year in Utah and the opportunities I’ll get to race here!

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