Lifting in the Off Season

I mentioned on Tuesday, that I plan on starting to lift a lot more now that I’m in the off season. My goal for the next 3 months at least is to lift twice a week, and specifically focus on more power lifting instead of endurance lifting. In the past, when I’ve lifted, I’ve stuck to moderately easy weights, and just did the typical 3 sets of 10. This was maintaining my strength, but not building it. I realized in the later portion of my season that my bike strength was no where near where I wanted it to be! It is my plan to be much faster and stronger on the bike next year, and I’m realizing the only way to do that, is to lift!

So, last week, I recruited one of my friends (who has the same feelings as I about lifting) to be my lifting buddy! Initially, we were only going to lift once a week, but after our first day, I was convicted that if I REALLY want to see strength gains, I should probably be lifting twice a week. So, that is our plan every Tuesday and Thursday!

Our torture chamber... :)

Our torture chamber… :)

I found this great article by USA cycling explaining the best lifting exercises to improve your cycling. I liked it a lot because it gave reasons for needing to do each of the exercises they recommended. I like to know the reason behind why I’m torturing myself :) It’s also a good article for a “beginner” lifter, because it explains how to do each lift as well.

We’ve been doing all of the exercises, which totals to 12 different ones. Right now we are doing two sets of each to fatigue, with increasing the weight on the second set! It’s a killer! I told my friend, one day we’ll do three sets of every exercise, but today is not that day…:)

Do you strength train?

What is your favorite lifting workout?