Mid-week Update

I feel like I need to give you guys a mid-week update today because SO much has been going on this week already!

The first very exciting thing is, I have a swim “coach” now! Well, kind of. A pro triathlete I know, has offered to give me some swimming tips from now until 70.3 World Championships. Last night, I met with her for the first time, and she gave me some good things to work on! Since my goal is to cut 5 minutes from my 1.2 mile time, I’ve got a lot of work to do in the next several weeks! Last night was my first meeting with her.

Secondly, I’m super excited to be getting my road bike today!! image (46)I bought it back in July when we were in New Hampshire, but had to wait until someone was driving out here for them to bring it to me! Well, my Aunt is driving out to see us TODAY, and bringing my new baby! I can’t wait to take her out for a spin. :)

Thirdly, our vegetable garden sanctuary is just about completed! IMG_1257[1]On Sunday and Monday, my husband put mulch down, laid out stones for our walking path, placed our new raised beds down (they won’t be planted until next spring), and put up a fence! Then Monday night, we found some awesome garden “ornaments”, AND purchased an arbor! That hasn’t arrived yet, but should be here by the end of the week! I know it has nothing to do with my workouts, but I’ve invested so much time and energy (and sweat) into this that I feel like it’s part of my training!

Lastly, we are getting a pet! A dog to be exact. :) Well, it’s not confirmed yet, but on Monday, we filled out an application for a pet adoption service, and sent it in! We have already found a few dogs on their website that we’re interested in, and can’t wait to meet them to see who will be coming home with us! I have no idea how long the process will be, but I’m excited about the possibility. :) My only “requirements” are I want a large-ish dog who will run with me! I’ve got my eyes on a beautiful Australian Shepherd who “loves running”! Sounds perfect. :)

Man, it’s only Wednesday, and so much has happened already this week! I feel like we are trying to cram all of our projects and activities into what little time I have left before I’m working like crazy! :)

Have you been working on any summer projects?

Do you have a dog that runs with you? What kind?

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