Mileage Recap

Here’s my mileage recap for the week! This week was a little more full than usual because I had to switch my long run/swim to Sunday and Monday because I had to work all day last Saturday.

Sunday: 14 mile run, 3 hour bike ride

Monday: 2,500 meter swim

Tuesday: 5.5 mile run, 2,200 meter swim

Wednesday: 2 hour bike workout

Thursday: 7 mile run workout

Friday: 1.5 hour bike workout

Saturday: 15.5 mile run, 3,500 meter swim


Run–42 miles

Bike–6.5 hours

Swim–8,200 meters

Like I said, a little more full than usual. I’m looking forward to a normal training week next week, and getting back into our T25 workouts! How are your workouts going this winter? Hope you’re able to get them in during the harsh weather!

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