This Morning I Drank Garlic….

Guys, I’ve been sick for 6 days. Though I know the average cold typically lasts 7-10 days, I’m typically only sick for 2-3 days when I get something. Therefore, yesterday I started to look up several natural home remedies to try and kick this thing….it finally came to a head when this morning I DRANK garlic! It was gross….

I have been doing all the usual remedies throughout the week–increasing my vitamin C and zinc intake, drinking tons of fluids, resting, drinking lemon and honey tea, drinking Kombucha….anything I could think of.

I thought I was getting better on Friday, but I woke up Saturday feeling the most miserable I’ve felt yet! My throat was sore, nose running, very congested, and no voice… John and I went to pick up our herd share milk, and they had a booth for essential oils there. I’ve never tried essential oils, but they had a vapor rub one that was supposed to help congestion. I figured it couldn’t hurt, so we bought it! Well, it smelled good, but I don’t think it helped my congestion. :)

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling even worse! So, I googled some home remedies for a cold/congestion. I found this website with a ton of suggestions. Here are the ones I tried:

Hydrogen peroxide in the ear

Garlic and onion wrapped on my foot

Then this morning, I tried drinking garlic, and made a steam concoction to breathe in!

Did any of these work? No……. Well, I feel great this morning, but I still can’t talk, I’m still congested, and my nose is running like crazy….. Sigh….I guess I just have to let it take it’s course!

Any of you have any other home remedy suggestions?

Anyone else dealing with this nasty cold?

Good news is, I ran 3.25 miles this morning with Mya and felt great!

Mya was excited to tell John all about our run!

Mya was excited to tell John all about our run!

I’m staying home from church because I don’t want people to think I’m going to give them the plague, but I think I’m good to try the Indoor Bike Time Trial this afternoon!

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