Motivational Monday!

I’ve never done a “motivational Monday” post before, but after a nice week of vacation, I’m needing some motivation this Monday morning! I jumped back into work FULL speed ahead as soon as we got home! I’m working an athletic camp this week which contains 14 hour days for 4.5 days! It’s gonna be a rough week. Thankfully I’m tapering again this week, so my workouts are pretty light! Given how I feel this morning though, I thought I’d write down what motivates me to train when I “don’t feel like it”!

  • When the alarm clock goes off too early:3170613-conceptual-image-of-a-vintage-alarm-clock-showing-that-it-is-too-soon

You know the feeling. Often it doesn’t matter what time it is; you just didn’t get enough good sleep the night before, and it’s already time to get up and get an early workout in! This happened to me yesterday. After a loooooong day of traveling, and a late night of unpacking and doing laundry, my alarm clock woke me up much earlier than my body wanted.

What did I do?

I have one rule: DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE! I know, easier said than done, but if I hit the snooze, it’s an inevitable spiral that results in me NOT getting my workout in. If I force myself out of bed the first time the alarm clock goes off, somehow it’s easier. Like ripping off a band aid. :) Also, I don’t make skipping my morning workout an option. If I know I have to get up, or I’ll miss my workout; I get up!

  • When you’re sore or your body feels fatigued:

This is tricky, because you do need to listen to your body, but you also need to make sure you’re not using every excuse to take a day off. :) Fine line, I know.

What do I do?

I tell myself to start off easy-whether it be swimming, biking, or running. I’ll go until my body loosens up and feels better, then I’ll ease into the workout. If I still feel crappy after a warm-up, I’ll just make it a recovery day and finish the “workout” at a slow pace. This way I still get in activity, but it doesn’t stress my body.

  • When you’ve had a bad run (or other activity):

I’d love to say I never have a bad run, but I’ll be honest, sometimes I do! Or I’ll have a bad swim, or bike (bad bike rides are most common). If you’re honest, I’m sure you can think of several bad runs in your training history.

What do I do?

I try and find something good about the run! If you let yourself remain negative about a bad workout, you’ll quickly get burnt out. Try and find something good about it. Be it nice weather, beautiful scenery, good terrain, or just that it FINALLY ended, there’s always something good. :)

I found this on last night and LOVED it!

I found this on last night and LOVED it!

So there’s my tips on finding motivation when things aren’t necessarily going perfectly.

How do you motivate yourself to keep up with your training?

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