Nathan SpeedDraw Plus and Quantum Cool Arm Sleeves Review

I got some new running gear about a month ago, and I’ve had several chances to try both of them out. The first is the Nathan SpeedDraw Plus hand held bottle, and the second is a pair of Quantum Cool Arm Sleeves.

I decided to purchase the Nathan hand held bottle because I’ve been running with a Nathan water belt for years, but when I do medium length runs, it’s annoying to wear a belt. SO, I checked out the hand held bottles, and this one sounded pretty good to me. It is an 18oz bottle, which is pretty big, and originally I was afraid it would be too heavy to hold while running, but after several uses, I think it’s going to work for me!image (30)

My plan for this bottle is to use it for long workouts this summer. I’ve used it several times already, and it’s proven to be quite useful! It holds just enough water for a 10-15 mile run in the heat. It fits on my hand perfectly, and snug enough so that I don’t have to actually grip it with my hand. image (31)The only thing about it that’s slightly annoying is that the water sloshes around while I’m running. However, this annoyance is the same for the running belt as well. Overall, I enjoy using it over my running belt, but if I were to do a 20 miler or a marathon, I’d probably still use the belt.

My next new piece of “equipment” is a pair of Quantum Cool Arm Sleeves. I was really excited about these because they are supposed to help lower your body temperature by 3%, AND they protect against UV rays. I’ve worn them for a few toasty runs now, and here’s my official opinion…I actually wouldn’t recommend them to a heavy sweater. I sweat A TON. Those of you who know much about the body’s cooling systems, sweat is actually the main way the body cools itself. Since I sweat so much, I think my body is already pretty efficient at cooling itself. When I’ve worn these sleeves on my run, I did feel the initial cooling of wearing them from the start, but as I began to sweat, I actually felt like they were keeping me from sweating as much..if that makes sense. Now, I didn’t overheat on any of the runs I’ve worn them on, and I didn’t get sunburnt. So perhaps they’re doing their job, but I’m just not sure they’re necessary or give me any added benefit. image (13)

As a perk though, they do look pretty sweet, AND it is nice to run in a protective sleeve and not worry about my arms getting burnt. I’ve thought about wearing them on a bike ride to protect my arms from the sun. I think they would be quite helpful in that aspect. On the bike I typically don’t get hot because of the wind, but I do get a lot of sun exposure!

Do you have any new running gear for the hot summer?

Do you prefer a hand held bottle for hydration, or do you use a belt?

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