My New Running Buddy

Sorry I’ve been MIA all week, folks! Those of you who’ve “liked” my facebook page, may have noticed I posted a picture of my new running buddy this week! That’s right, my husband and I are adopting a dog!! Her name is Mya, and she’s a 3 year old Australian Shepard mix. She’s sooo cute!

So scared and shy!

So scared and shy!

The reason I’ve waited so long to write a post about her is because we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to keep her until last night. When we first got her on Sunday, she was SO shy, terrified of John, and very depressed. She wouldn’t eat, drink, or even walk. All she wanted to do was sleep.

The laundry basket was her bed for the first couple days---she actually likes it!

The laundry basket was her bed for the first couple days—she actually likes it!

Throughout the week, we made verrrry small strides with her. She warmed up to me slightly, but still wouldn’t walk with me as of Thursday morning–much less RUN with me! We’d gotten her to drink water finally on Wednesday night, but still no food. AND, she was still terrified of John.

Finally, on Thursday, I called her lady we adopted her from and told her our concerns. She said since Mya was afraid of John that HE should be the one feeding her and walking her, instead of me. She said the dog would warm up to him quicker if he was the one taking care of her. She also suggested getting really good smelling wet food for the dog. So, on Thursday night, I went to the store to get some wet food for her on my way home from work. When I got home, John wasn’t there, so I decided to see if she’d eat a little wet food from my hand. Well, SHE DID! John got home a few minutes later, and was able to feed her more!

John feeding her for the first time!

John feeding her for the first time! (Note: she’s in an actual doggie bed now thanks to my co-worker’s donation) ;)

After he fed her, John took her for a walk, and she did great! All week, when I tried to walk her, she would just lay down on the ground and not budge! He got her to walk with him twice in the evening-once for a half mile, once for a mile!

We went to bed last night pretty pleased with our progress, and I were happily woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of her eating her DRY food!! We were so happy when we got up this morning and ALL of her food and water in her bowl was gone! John took her for another half mile walk again this morning, so it seems she’s starting to get more comfortable with us!

Next phase: potty training……  I’ll leave it at that :)

Also, it appears that Mya is now JOHN’S running buddy! So…..we’re most likely going to adopt Mya’s brother as well—to be MY running buddy. :)

Do you have a dog that runs with you?

How did you train him/her to run?

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