New shoes!

I just got some new shoes last week! Ever since I started training for triathlons, I’ve been trying to find the perfect shoe. Currently I’ve been using the Pearl Izumi EM Tri N2. I used them for about a month before my full Rev3 tri, and then raced in them as well. I loved them…until my race. They bothered my midsole about halfway through the marathon. Since that race, I have been running in them, and they’re fine for training, however I wanted to find another shoe that would better support me in a race.

For a few months, I have been looking at the different shoes Newton Running has to offer. The main premise behind these shoes, is they support midsole running-which is what I do. They have a large block of the sole right under the midfoot. This is supposed to both add cushion, and also encourage you to land on your midfoot.




I’m not sure which shoe I’ll like better. There are features of both that I like. For example, I like how the Pearl Izumi shoes have pull tabs on the heel so you can pull them on easily. I also like how the “lock” laces have a little hook so you can clip the excess lace down so it won’t flap around. However, I like the comfort of the Newton shoes, and I like that they promote midsole running. I also like how light weight they are! I weight the Newtons, Pearl Izumis, and then my old marathoning shoe to compare.

P1020234P1020233P1020235You can see how much lighter the Newtons are compared to my other shoes!! I haven’t tried the Newtons out enough to make a decision yet, but I will let you know my thoughts!

Which one will I choose???

Which one will I choose???

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