New Swim Workouts

If you read my blog yesterday, you saw that I met with a swim “coach” to evaluate my form/workouts on Tuesday! She gave me a few tips on form, but mostly she gave me some good ideas for new swim workouts! I wanted to share them with you all in case you’ve been looking for some good swim workouts.

First of all, I mentioned to her how I was doing a lot of long swim sets this year, but that my swim times have gotten slower in open water. She said that long swim sets are great for endurance, but aren’t helpful in the beginning of the swim race of a triathlon, OR when you have to push hard to pass people, or at the end when you’re trying to finish strong. Basically, I can swim forever, but I don’t have any other “gears”. She said to remedy this, there are a few “shorter” workouts I can do. However, she said it’s still important to do 2 days a week of the longer sets. So, once a week I’ll do these shorter workouts. image-16

Workout # 1: 3 x (300 meters FAST with flippers, 300 meters swimming with pull buoy at moderate pace, 100 meters easy swimming)

She mentioned that it’s often helpful to swim with flippers because that makes your kick stronger, and also helps you get your heart rate up.

Workout #2: 5 X 200 meters as FAST as you can (either with flippers or without). Rest as long as it takes to get your heart rate back to resting.

She said for these, it’s more important that I go by feel, not time. Just push as hard as you can for 200 meters straight.

Workout #3: 10 X 100 meters with flippers at 15-30 seconds below my normal 100 meter pace.  Rest as long as it takes to get your heart rate back to resting.

Workout #4: On my halo bench, do 5 X 20 pulls of butterfly, then freestyle, then just “half” pulls. Meaning just repeating the first part of my catch.



These all sound awesome to me, and I’m excited to try them out! I just hope they can make a difference before my race!

What swim workouts do you do?

Any suggestions for my workouts?

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