Ogden Marathon Recap

Hello everyone, I’m still alive! I know, I never blog anymore. I told someone recently that I’m still working out and training, but I don’t have time to also blog about it. So, there you have it. I may blog here and there, but I just don’t have the time to commit to it for real. However, I do owe you a race recap. I ran the Ogden Marathon back in May, yes, May. I know, it’s August, but things have been…..crazy. You see, right before I ran the Ogden Marathon (as in 4 days before), I found out I was pregnant! That’s right, we are expecting child #3 in January! So, that’s why my race recap is rather delayed :)

So, the race. I remember it vividly still. I woke up early to get ready and make the race bus pick-up at 5:30am. This was a point-to-point race, so we had to all get shuttled up (yes UP) to the race start. We literally drove 26.2 miles up, where they left us to stand in the cold, huddled by little fire pits until the race start….at 7am.

I had planned and trained to run a 3:05 race. However, when that test said positive just 4 days before race day, I had to create a plan B which was “see what happens and if plan A fails, just finish the race”. So, I was nervous waiting by that fire. I planned my fuels out, and new what my plan was. I’d start at race pace until my heart rate got too high for tiny baby’s safety, and then I’d slow down.

It was 30 min till start, so I did a quick warm up. It was at this point that I noticed my hand-held water bottle was leaking out of the nozzle. Profusely. Yippee… Did I mention it was about 50 degrees at the start and it was going to warm up to 70s once the sun came out? So while my water was leaking on my hand, it begun to freeze my hand. Nevertheless, I was confident it would not hold me back. I made a quick port-a-potty stop, and then headed to the start line to do some strides. I lined up next to a friend of mine that was aiming for a sub 3 pace, and stood ready to race.

The gun went off, and I started off feeling great! The sun started to come out to warm me up, and we were running down (DOWN) a beautiful hill….mountain. We plunged down for 10 miles, at which I ran at race pace the whole way (slightly above really, but in a safe zone). We then started doing some slight rolling hills for the next 5 miles. However, around mile 12, I noticed that my heart rate was shockingly high. I decided to slow down a bit to let it calm down. I dropped to 7:45 pace, but my heart rate remained the same. I dropped to 8min pace, but still too high. Finally, I decided to walk for a minute to get it to lower. It did, so then I started up running again. All was fine until mile 15 when we started plunging down again….down down down a LONG hill. 8 miles, to be exact. Literally, we lowered in elevation the entire rest of the race until just 3 miles left when it became flat.

So, here at mile 15, when we began going down again, my IT bands began yelling at me. I think it was partially because of the walking and partially because of the 10 miles of down prior to that, but they were locked up! I spent the next 8 miles suffering and switching between walking and hobbling…I mean “running” and trying to put out the thoughts that said “just quit”. I was so miserable. The course was beautiful, but I was in agony and wished I’d dropped down to the 1/2 marathon last minute. The truth is though, my body was not prepared to go DOWN that much. It was prepared to go fast. On flat. That was my error in not checking the altitude map….I’ll know better next time.

So, I finally made it to mile 23 where the course flattened out for the remainder of the race. I tried to open up my stride, but my IT bands were just so tight, that I really couldn’t. I continued to hobble the rest of the race until I finally reached the street where the finish line was! I could see it in view for what seemed like a mile! Finally, I crossed the finish line and was able to stop. It seemed like it had taken forever because of how slow I went for the second half. My time was 3:38 which isn’t a horrible time by any means, but I’d trained for 3:05, so to me, that felt like defeat.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever do this race again, but I know if I do, I’ll train a lot more on downhills and do some downhill races building up to race day as my training!

I am now just over 15 weeks pregnant with the next Stedge baby, and I am happily still running, biking, swimming, and lifting! I will try to give updates throughout the pregnancy on how my training is going just like I did the last one, but for now, here is my 15 week picture!FullSizeRender

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