Olympic Inspiration

Have you guys been watching the Olympics this week? I think they came at a good time for me, because I’ve been needing some inspiration in my training! I’m getting into that rut where the workouts are very intense, but I have little to look forward to. My first race isn’t until June 1, and that just seems so far off in the distance to me! It’s hard to be motivated to work hard during my workouts when the performance isn’t for several months still! Anyway, watching the Olympics over the weekend, and during this week, I’ve been inspired a little. These athletes trained for 4 years with their end-goal being to compete in the Olympics! 4 years! Actually, most of them have been training their whole lives for this one main event. Yes, they did smaller competitions, but this was what they were training for! If that doesn’t encourage you to strive on toward something far in the future, I don’t know what does!

I love watching the winter Olympics because I grew up on the snow. Cross country skiing and snowboarding are my favorites! Even though there aren’t any swimmers, bikers, or runners competing, I can still enjoy the competition of very elite athletes! I think my best long bike ride yet was this Sunday. I had to do a 3 hr ride, which is never my favorite. However, the Olympics were on, so I set my trainer up in front of my tv, and watched the Olympics the whole time. It was great! The ‘biathlon’ was showing the majority of my ride, and that’s one of my favorite to watch! Those of you who don’t know, it involves cross country skiing to different points, and then shooting at targets! So cool :)



What about you readers? What is your favorite winter Olympic event to watch? Have you been inspired by watching it this week? I’m so excited for the rest of the events!!

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