Open water swim: take two

This past weekend, John and I did our second open water swim of the year! I know, it’s almost June and we’ve only swam outside twice, ahh! It’s just been so cold! The first time we went (two weeks ago), the water was absolutely FRIGID! So much so that John exited the water after about 2 minutes. I toughed it out by swimming AS CLOSE TO SHORE AS POSSIBLE. Seriously, I could have it the ground with my fingers if I’d wanted to. :) Anyway, so after that experience, we wanted to wait until the water was a bit warmer.

This weekend, my parents were visiting us, and it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend here! Because of this, they really wanted to head to the beach to see where we swim. Also, we figured since it’s been mid-seventies for over a week now that the water would be more tolerable. We were right about that! I didn’t check what the temperature was, but it was definitely bearable. We were able to swim out at the buoy markers no problem. However, there were patches of random freezing water that weren’t too fun to hit. :) I’m getting ahead of myself here though. Let me start from the beginning. :) 10257198_10152459543254508_1554204029492553976_o

We arrived at the lake to discover it was VERY busy! I guess Sunday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend isn’t the best time for an OWS :) The entire beach was lined with people, kids were swimming all in the shallow end, and there were boats EVERYWHERE. Not ideal conditions. I felt bad for John this being only his second ever OWS. Had these been the conditions I’d had last year for my second swim, I would have turned around and gone home. :) He was brave though. Not happy, but brave. :)

I think this picture depicts his attitude well :)

I think this picture depicts his attitude well :)

Though the water was tolerable, it was still colder than the average pool, so it took some getting used to. I gave John some tips of how to adjust to the temperature before starting to swim. He was also feeling pretty uncomfortable in his wet suit because of how constrictive it was. Any of you who’ve ever worn a wet suit can probably understand. Since he wasn’t yet used to the feel of the wet suit, we decided to just swim from buoy to buoy and rest at each. I stayed with him for this because I wanted to also get him used to swimming right beside people. After about 20 minutes, he’d had enough for the day, so I decided to keep swimming. The water was really rough from the boats, so it tired me out. Also, I’M not super comfortable in my wet suit yet either, so I was ready to be done after about 1,400 yds. 10321518_10152459539804508_4704065359763155670_o

When we finished, I told my parents, “well, the only benefit we got out of that today was realizing we need to come back again before our race next week.” We plan to go again this Thursday-hoping for calm seas!

Any of you have races coming up soon? How’s the water temp where you live? Hope your training is going well!

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