ORRRC Xenia Half Marathon Race Recap and ANNOUNCEMENT!

It’s been nearly two months since my last post! YIKES! So long that I almost forgot how to log on to my blog account!! Sorry, readers! Hopefully I’ve not lost all of you by now! So, I’m going to write about my ORRRC Xenia Half Marathon Race that I did a few weeks ago, but first, why have I been gone so long??

Well, I’ve been pretty busy in my personal life! I’m very open about my racing/training life, but with my personal life, I like to keep that private for some aspects. Here’s a bit of what’s been going on the past few months….

In December, my husband and I became licensed foster and adoption parents through a private organization in our area! The first week of February, we accepted two teenagers into our home! Then, the first week of April, we began the adoption placement of a 12 year old boy! Things have been a TAD busy!!!

In addition though, in February, we found out we are expecting a baby! That’s right, I’m preggo! Which is mostly why I’ve been a little absent on here lately…..I’m not doing hard workouts or training toward a crazy goal like normal–I’m just doing 1 hour of running or biking a day, and I felt like that was a little boring to write about without being able to share the reason WHY! Here’s why!

That's inside me!!!

That’s inside me!!!

Yep, future triathlete due in October!

Yep, future triathlete due in October!

So, the race recap! I ran the half marathon on April 12th–I was officially 12 weeks pregnant that day! I was originally signed up to do the full marathon, but during the first trimester, I was SUPER tired, so my longest run a month before the race was only 12 miles, so I figured I better drop down to the half!

I started the race morning with my usual morning sickness, but my race start, I felt ready to go! I decided not to RACE it, but to just stay at a comfortable pace the whole time and not push myself. I decided to try and stay in zone 3 heart rate the entire race.

Ready to race!

Ready to race!

I started out feeling super fresh, and did the first mile a bit too fast! I made myself slow down though and was able to keep about a 7:30-7:50 pace. I felt completely comfortable the entire race and didn’t get tired at all! My only complaint was I had to pee literally every 3 miles!! Never have I been more grateful for port-a-pottys!

Feeling good at the half-way point!

Feeling good at the half-way point!

I finished the race in 1:41. Not my best time, but hey, I was 12 weeks pregnant! I also managed to get 3rd place in my age group which I was pretty proud of since I wasn’t racing! It was hard not to be competitive, and watch people pass me who I knew under normal circumstances, shouldn’t be passing me! BUT, I still enjoyed the race, and am very glad I did it! Now I can tell baby that he/she did a half marathon at “3 months” old :)

More to come on the pregnancy later! I’m going to start doing weekly updates regarding it and my training on Sundays!

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