Possum Creek 5k Race Recap

On Tuesday night, I was able to run the Possum Creek 5k race! This was another race put on by the Ohio River Road Runners Club that I’m a member of. I love doing these races because I don’t have to sign up in advance, which works out perfectly since I’m pregnant and never know how I’ll be feeling on race day!

This was another evening race, which is nice because mornings are often a challenge for me. :) My husband and kids came with me for this one, and we all did the race! Everyone had a great time, AND all the kids beat their previous times from the last race we did!

This race was part of a summer trail series, and it was at an awesome park I’ve never been to before, but anticipate returning again! The registration went super smoothly, and I had a chance to use the bathroom twice before the race started. :) I decided prior to the race that I was going to try to stay under 9:30 minute miles, but keep my heart rate in zone 3 or below.

I started the race out pretty conservatively, beginning about 1/3 of the way back from the front pack. The race began on pavement actually, but soon moved into a nice, well-mowed field. We went through that for about a half mile, and then descended into the woods. The trail was decently wide, and mostly dry. I liked this course, because it wound around in one direction, then returned back through the field. When we had about .5 mile left, we ran past the finish line, and added on another little loop. This was actually the most challenging part. There were two hills during this section, though not steep. However, I had to slow my pace to keep my heart rate where I wanted it. In addition, there was a creek crossing with some slippery rock steps. I took this part super cautiously as I’d heard people often fell during this section. I made it through unscathed, approached the final hill, and crossed the finish line proudly!

happy to have completed another race!

happy to have completed another race!

I ended up finishing first in my age group (71/164 total finishers). Obviously nowhere near where I would typically place pre-pregnancy, but I’m very pleased with how I did considering I’m now in my third trimester! I felt really good racing it too, and recovered well the next day! In fact, today I headed out for a 6 mile run, and felt awesome! I’m pretty excited I can still run this far into my pregnancy, and I’m hoping I can maintain it for a while longer! I’m hoping to do another race in September, but we’ll see if that happens with my work schedule–September is a busy month at my job!!

Any other pregnant racers out there?

I’d love to hear your experiences racing while pregnant!

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