Pre race/run meals

Earlier this week, some of my fellow hammer nutrition athletes were talking about what they eat for their pre race/run meals, and it got me thinking about the kinds of foods I eat pre run! I thought I’d share my favorite staples with you.

My pre-race meal is easy. I always have a bowl of cheerios with milk, a banana, and a bagel with peanut butter 2-3 hrs before my race. Always. Seriously, figure out what you need pre-race, and stick to it every time! I pack my breakfast food with me when I’m going to stay somewhere the night before a race. Then about 1 hr before my race, I’ll have a Hammer Energy Bar, and if I’m hungry 15 minutes before, I’ll have a Hammer Espresso gel. image-14

For a pre run meal though, I’m a little more flexible. Also, it depends on what type of run I’m doing and how soon after eating that I’m doing it. For my weekly runs, if I do them first thing in the morning, I’ll usually just have a bowl of cheerios. Maybe I’ll have a banana if I’m feeling extra hungry. If I’m headed out right away to do a workout, I’ll often just have an english muffin with peanut butter. However, my friend recently gave me this Pinterest recipe for “energy bites”. I just made them last night and am excited to try them before a workout!




I didn’t have chocolate chips (I know!!), or ground flaxseed, so I substituted 2 scoops of Hammer chocolate protein powder. I tried a small amount while I was mixing them, and they tasted great! As you can see, the recipe didn’t make very many, so next time I’ll double it.image-15

On days that I’m doing a long run, I’ll usually eat 1-2 hours before my run. I’ll have a larger meal usually. Typically oatmeal, sometimes french toast. I’m not too picky on days I’m not racing :) Anything BUT eggs. I’ve found that I do not feel good running after eating eggs. I don’t know why, I just have no energy!

So readers, what do you usually eat before a run? Are you still trying to figure out what works for you? I’d encourage protein and complex carbs to be eaten at least 2 hrs before activity. Let me know what your favorite pre race/run meals are!

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