Pregnancy Round #2 Update weeks 26&27

Well, I said I’d try and give you an update sooner than two weeks, but that didn’t happen. We have had a busy two weeks here, that’s for sure! Last week we had a “short” week because we all had fall break (the kids and I–hubby took the day off), and we went to Park City for the long weekend! We had a great time with the kids there! Then this week, hubs was gone on a work trip, so I was managing the household by myself and being sole taxi driver. Which I don’t mind at all, but it makes for less time and less sleep. :)

However, despite the busy-ness, I’ve been able to get nearly all of my usual workouts in for the past two weeks!

Exercise: I know I CAN still do 10 mile long runs, but last Saturday, I only had time for 9, so I had to cut my usual 10 short. However, I felt GREAT and I know I could have done even more! Tomorrow I’m hoping for another 10 miler since we’ll be home and I’ll have plenty of time. My other weekly runs have gone super well though! I’m actually having less discomfort now than I was the last 6 weeks! Still sticking to 5 mile runs during the week because that’s all I have time for. My bike rides have been going well too-still just doing two rides a week. Then my T25, I’ve been doing twice a week as well and have been feeling better and better each time! For swimming, I skipped my swim last week, but this week I was able to get in a quick 1,200yd swim. Oh, and my lane partner said that I was a “super smooth swimmer”!! Made my day :)

How I’m feeling: Honestly, great! There are days when I’m a little more tired or sluggish, but overall I feel really good. Only reason I know I’m pregnant is my big ol’ belly and that baby kicks a lot. :)

Appointments: My next appointment is my glucose test in about 2ish weeks. Not looking forward to that just because I have to drink that nasty drink…

Races: The next (and last one I’ve signed up for at least) race is the little Turkey Trot 5k I’m doing with my son on Nov 4th. I’m hoping to find something local in early Dec too but we’ll see.

So that’s my update! And here are my week’s 26 & 27 bump pictures for you too. :)

26 weeks!

26 weeks!

27 weeks!

27 weeks!

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