Prepping for my group ride!

Last night, John and I spent some time prepping for my group ride this Saturday! We’ll be going up north to bike the Cedar Point Rev3 bike course with the Cleveland Triathlon Club. I’m super excited! We did this ride last year as well (since I was doing the race, it was a perfect prep day). This year, even though I’m not doing the race, we wanted to do the ride because of how much we enjoyed it last year! The people were great, the course was awesome, and they had some excellent tips and samples to try! It was a very valuable day, and I think, a key to my success in that race. I’m racing Mont Tremblant this year on same weekend as Rev3 Cedar Point race. Obviously I can’t physically ride in Canada, but Sandusky is significantly more hilly than when I live, so it’ll be a slightly better way for me to prepare. :)

When I told Hammer Nutrition that I was joining the group ride, they were very willing to provide me some samples to give away while we’re there! This will be my first time really getting to distribute Hammer products, and I’m pretty excited! There are a lot of other nutrition companies that give away products at this event, so I’m glad to contribute my favorite fuels. :) IMG_1267[1]

We got the package of samples last night, so we spent the evening putting the bags all together! They sent us reading material, stickers, gel samples, and endurolytes fizz! I also put in some handy “referral” cards! IMG_1269[1]I can’t wait to spread the love a little and let people try out these products. :) And of course, I can’t wait to ride with some awesome people on a great course again! :)

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