How to Prevent Starvation at Work

Those of you endurance athletes or athletes BECOMING endurance athletes understand what I mean by this title, or at least I hope you do! Tell me I’m not the only one who’s gotten to work after a morning workout and realized you were not going to survive until lunch time without food?!? Haha, it happens to me almost on a daily basis, and has ever since I started training for marathons. So, here’s my solution for how to prevent starvation at work: Have a snack drawer! I was telling my lifting buddy about this yesterday after we finished lifting. :)

I’ve had a drawer specifically dedicated to snacks ever since I started my job. There have been several occasions where the lunch I brought just wasn’t large enough for my caloric expenditure for the day, so a snack was necessary! image (3)

Not only do I keep snacks in that drawer, but I also have a big tub of Recoverite and a shaker bottle for emergencies. :) Often times I’ll do a workout on my lunch break at work, so having some Recoverite handy is SUPER helpful! Also, occasionally I’ll have had a hard workout before work, and realize when I get there that it’s going to take another serving of Recoverite if I’m going to make it through the day. Thankfully, all I have to do is open up my drawer, and there it is. :)

How do you handle eating during work when training for an endurance event?

Anyone else like me and have a snack drawer?

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