Protein banana-pear Brownies!

Happy Monday, readers! It’s time for me to share what fun treat I made THIS weekend! A few days ago, one of my favorite Facebook enthusiasts posted about some protein brownies she made, and she was nice enough to provide the recipe! So, yesterday I decided to try them out! One of the ingredients “required” in the recipe was applesauce. I didn’t have that, so I decided to substitute in a pear in place of it. It seems like I’m always revising recipes I find in order to work with the foods I already have in my cabinets! Usually I like the outcome though. :)

The recipe was super easy, AND all you had to do was put all of the ingredients in a blender. Cool huh!? Also, I used my favorite chocolate whey protein powder by Hammer Nutrition as my protein of choice. IMG_0935[1]

After putting everything in the blender, I just mixed it all together! It took a few minutes because with all of the ingredients, the blender was completely full. After a couple tries though, it turned out like this! Yummy!IMG_0936[1]After this, all I had to do was bake them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes, and then BAM! Finished product! IMG_0937[1]And I must say, they were very tasty! I ate one as dessert/recovery after my 2.5 hr bike ride Sunday afternoon and topped it off with strawberries and a tiny bit of confectioner’s sugar :) IMG_0938[1]Have any of you found good “healthy” dessert recipes? I’d love to hear your ideas and if you’ve liked what you made!




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