The Quest for Shoes Continues..

Hey guys, well it looks like the quest for the perfect triathlon shoes continues for me… I mentioned a while back about how I had just purchased a pair of Newton Ironman Elite shoes, and was trying to determine if they were the shoe for me. Well, as of last week, I have officially made my decision-the Newton Elite shoe is not for me… Why did it take me 3 months to come to this conclusion? Well, you all know the winter we’ve had… Since these shoes are all mesh on the top, and have little traction on the bottom, I decided they wouldn’t be good to wear in the cold or the snow.


Well, we had a lot of cold and snow in the last 3 months. For that reason, I didn’t get to wear these shoes very often at all. In fact, I didn’t even try them on a run until January. Since then, I maybe wore them for one run a week. Each time I wore them, I was trying to debate if they were a good shoe for me. At first, I thought I was just getting used to them. I’ve never worn Newtons before, and they have a “lug” system on the bottom which helps you mid-strike more. It does take some time getting used to the “lug”-which I did eventually. However, I never got used to the rest of the shoe. Every time I wore them, they would hurt my feet. I have never had foot problems before, so I finally determined that it was just the wrong shoe for me. DSC05334

Here’s my problem though; these are a $160 pair of shoes! After 3 months of only wearing them once a week, I can’t very well retire them and justify buying new ones! Also, I was worried about trying a new pair of Newtons because of the high price. So, I called the company to see if there was anything they could do for me. After all, I love the company and really want to run in one of their shoes-this model just wasn’t right for me. I was amazed by company’s customer service when I called them. They were very helpful, and tried to give me advice as to which shoe I should be running in. Also, they were willing to let me exchange my Ironman Elite shoes for a new pair even though I’ve had them past the time-frame they usually require for an exchange! I was seriously blown away! They definitely did not have to take these shoes back because I’ve had them much longer than their policy allows. However, the customer service specialist could tell that these shoes were not for me, and knew that I would likely be satisfied with a different pair. I am so excited to try out the new ones! I am going with the Newton Gravity shoe. It sounds like this is a much less aggressive shoe, and will fit my needs well as a trainer and a racing shoe. newton-gravity-women-I’ll let you know how the quest for the perfect shoe progresses! In the meantime, at least I’ve found a company I love!


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