My Race Bucket list

Yesterday, my sister, Leah posted about her race bucket list, and it inspired me to post my “wish list” of races I dream of doing. :) Most of them are just dreams, but some of them might possibly come to fruition. Regardless of whether I do them or not, it’s fun to think about races that I’d like to do! With that said, here is my race bucket list!

Ironman MuskokaIronman703_Muskoka

This is a new full distance Ironman coming to Canada in 2015! I’d really like to do another 140.6 race in the future, so this one is on the top of my list. :)

Ironman Louisvilledownload

This race has never appealed to me before, because it is in the heat of the summer, smack dab in the middle of August! However, in 2015, the race is reported to be moved to October! PERFECT!

Ohio’s Market to Market Relay

This is a relatively short relay (76 miles) that you do with a team of 6-8 runners, and you travel from Cincinnati to Dayton! I really want to do it because it’s kind of like a “home” course as it goes through several paths that I frequently run!

Tri 24 (24 hour sprint triathlon) FeaturedImage-Tri24

This race really intrigues me because it’s an endurance event, but a sprint! You just keep doing sprint triathlons over and over, back to back for 24 hours! Actually, you can pick between the 6 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hour race. Also, you can either do it as an individual or a relay. I think either option would be fun! Obviously, painful and tiring, but I’m still very interested in trying it!!

Kona Ironman World Championships

I know, I know…..I said last year that I didn’t think full 140.6 Ironman races were my distance. I said the 70.3 distance was my “perfect” race. However, after racing 70.3s all year, I’m beginning to think that I’m better at the full distance! It turns out, my speed at the half distance isn’t as much faster than the full as I thought it would be. I can go forever, but I can’t go super fast! So….it may not happen next year, or even for several years, but eventually, I would like to qualify for Ironman World Championships and head to Kona! I mean, if you do 70.3 World Championships, you’ve gotta try for full Ironman Championships too, right? Anyway, it’s on the bucket list at least.

So that’s my bucket list as of July, 2014 :) It’s bound to change by the year, month, even day! :) I’m always hearing about new races that sound appealing and I’m sure more will get added to this list!

Do you have a race bucket list?

Tell me what races you’d love to do if you had the chance!

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