Race Fever!

Guys, you know how you get race fever after completing a big race? Like, a couple days after your “goal” race, you immediately start scouring the local race calendars, trying to find a new race to train for? Well, that’s how I am, except this year…race fever came early! This past Sunday, was officially 3 weeks PRIOR to my BIG race of the season, and I spent several hours looking up fall races, and ever since then, it’s all I can think about! Ahhhh, what is wrong with me?!?! Haha…

Allow me to explain myself…

It’s been a long year of triathlon training and racing. I started training hard in January, but I was doing prep training starting the first week of December. My last triathlon is less than 3 weeks away (September 7th). That’s 10 months of training hard and/or racing/recovering/tapering. Wow… So the fall races that I was looking up on Sunday weren’t triathlons, they were running races. After a long year of triathlons, I feel like I should get to do some low-key “fun” races! Here’s a few I was looking at…

Morgan’s Little Miami Triathlon, October 5th

Ook, wait, I thought she said no triathlons…. Yes, I did say that, but this isn’t a typical triathlon. For this race, you canoe instead of swim, then you run immediately after that, and then finish with a bike ride (which is draft legal). So it’s a little bit more of a casual race, and it’s a loooooot of fun! I’ve done it 3 times, all 3 times with one of my co-workers. AND we won our division (female, female) 3 years in a row!

My friend and I just before our last race in 2012

My friend and I just before our last race in 2012

So I only have happy memories of this race. :) I actually never planned on doing it again, because my co-worker/friend moved away when she got a different job, so I lost my partner. But, I have a new co-worker this year who is interested in doing the race with me! He is a guy, so we’d do the male, female division. He’s a beast triathlete though, so I’m hoping we can win. After all, I’d hate to mess up my streak! 😉

Dayton River Corridor Classic Half Marathon, October 12th

Obviously my Half Ironman training has equipped me to run a half marathon, so I figure why not see how fast I can do JUST a half marathon without swimming and biking prior. :) Plus, its super close to home, and is relatively cheap. Down side….it’s on a Sunday. I’ve raced a lot of Sundays this year, and I really don’t like missing church. So I’m still debating.

Running with Scissors Double Marathon, October 27th

Before you stop reading because you think I’m insane, let me explain :) No, I am not running the double marathon again. Once was enough for me! However, one of my friends (Kim) is going to run it, and I have agreed to crew for her. I’ve also been toying with the idea of “pacing” her for the last marathon. (Kim, I’m secretly hoping you’re not reading this!)

Just looking at these pictures is enough to remind me of the agony I went through in this race :)

Just looking at these pictures is enough to remind me of the agony I went through in this race :)

The Narrows 10k, November 2nd

I actually do plan on running this. It’s so super close to my house, and is at a trail that I LOVE! And it’s only a 10k, so it’ll be a piece of cake! :)

Those are pretty much the only races rolling around in my head right now.

What about you?

Any fall race plans/dreams? Do share!


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