Race medal holder

For the longest time, I’ve struggled with what to do with my race medals. I tried making some of them into Christmas ornaments, but a lot of them are so heavy that they didn’t make very useful ornaments :) Also, I hated that I couldn’t display them except around Christmas time. So, for several months I’ve been trying to find a useful and decorative way to display my race medals, AND my race bibs. Several years ago I had a race medal “purge”, and I (*gasp) threw away several of my medals! Looking back, I don’t know why I did it, and now I’m sad. BUT, I never threw a single race bib away, so I wanted to be able to display all of those as well. SO, I found the most perfect race medal holder a few weeks back! I immediately told my mom about it, and she bought it for me as an early birthday present! Yes, I have an awesome mom :) I found mine from this website called running on the wall. They have all kinds of different sizes of medal holders and/or race bib holders. They also have cool inspirational (or Bible) quotes. This is the one I asked for because it is the largest one, and it contains areas for two people’s race bibs. This way both John and I can display our race “bling” in the same place! IMG_0944[1]It came with all the hangers separate (for shipping purposes). So you had to screw each of them in individually…..kinda annoying. After that was all done, we hung it on the wall (also a trial). BUT, we finally got it, and here’s how it looked on the wall without the bling. IMG_0945[1]The last part was the fun part-hanging up all the medals and bibs! I pulled out my race box full of all mine and John’s race bibs and the medals I haven’t thrown out. It was fun sorting through them and remembering every race. :) I hung my bibs up separately-one stack for running races, and one stack for triathlons. My race bibs are on the right, and John’s are on the left. Same with the medals-except mine are taking up most of the left side as well :) IMG_0946[1]What do you think? I love it! It’s so cool to see evidence of all we’ve accomplished! And, now I get to walk past it every day. It’ll be a nice reminder of how far I’ve come, and what my goals for the future are!




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