Race Weekend!

It’s almost race weekend! John and I are getting ready to drive to New York this afternoon, then we’ll spend the day in Syracuse tomorrow attending athlete meetings, getting our packets, doing a pre-race warm up, and checking in our bikes! I’m excited!! Here’s what I’m doing today…

1. Taking my bike out for one last spin! I did that this morning, and it went great! The crank seems to be working perfectly. Now, hopefully it’ll help me up those hills!image (37)2. Packing!!! As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far yet! image (35)3. Studying the athlete guide! I’ll read this quite thoroughly in the car, but I briefly looked at it this morning. image (36)

Only a couple more days until the big race! If you want to keep tabs on how we are all doing, my mom has agreed to post twitter updates for me! You can follow me @stedgeracing. Also, I just discovered that you can track us throughout the day on the Ironman website here. You can either search by our names or our bib numbers. Mine is 210, Johns is 1220, my sister Leah is 1743, and her husband Peter is 1131.

Can’t wait to tell you all about it!!


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