Recovery Mug Muffin

This past week, I saw a post thread asking about good recovery recipes, and someone commented about how mug muffin recipes were good to try out because they are single-serving! This intrigued me because I love eating out of mugs! So, after I finished my T25 Dynamic Core workout yesterday, I decided to try it out. I did a google search for “mug muffin recipe”, and this is what I found!

I used my new mantra mug that my sister made me, and I put all the ingredients in it. I decided to substitute the brown sugar for Hammer Nutrition protein powder. I think though, next time I do it, all still keep the brown sugar in it, and just add in protein powder. It tasted good, just not very sweet :) Anyway, I loaded all the ingredients into the mug, and then mixed it all together! image (1)Once the ingredients were all mixed, I just put the mug in the microwave, and cooked it for 4 minutes. The recipe said 2, but our microwave is a little weaker than most, so I doubled it. It turned out perfect! Nice and warm, gooey, and nutritious :) image (2)It made for a perfect one-serving breakfast! I ended up spreading some peanut butter on top of it, and ate it while drinking my coffee :) Yum! imageHave you guys come up with any great recovery or mug muffin recipes? I’m excited to try out different variations!




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