Recovery Week or Peak Week?

I just raced Ironman 70.3 Syracuse on Sunday, so normally I would be in a recovery week right now. However, I race Ironman 70.3 Muncie in less than 3 weeks, so this should also be my first peak week (first week of taper)! So, which one is it?? My poor body is so confused! I’m not too sore after doing Syracuse on Sunday, so I want to push full speed ahead and do my “peak week” as it would normally be. However, I am still pretty tired from racing (and getting up super early/staying up super late the night after), so I’m trying to take time to recover as well.

Typically, the first peak week for me would be intense, but shorter workouts with a few bricks. The training time is slightly shorter than a normal week, but not much. :) Obviously I can’t do 15 hours of training the week after a hard race, but I also can’t afford to do nothing since I have less than 3 weeks till my next big race!

So, here’s my plan….

Monday, which is usually my recovery day anyway was a very easy day. I slept in, unpacked, laid around, then did a very slow easy 1:30 bike ride. I thought I might swim after as well because my arms weren’t sore, but after the ride, I was sleepy, so I laid on the recliner the rest of the day. :) image-22

Yesterday, I felt really good! Still sore quads, but not too bad. I decided to do a T25 Ab workout which turned out to be more of a quad workout for me since they were still sore. :) I wasn’t tired after doing that though, so I decided I would go to the pool for a small workout. On my schedule for Peak week, I had a 3-4 X 250-500m workout with a short warm up and a 10-20 min cool down. I went to the pool thinking I’d do the lowest option possible, but after my first 250, I felt good so I stretched the rep to 500. I did this for the next two reps as well and felt great for all three, AND hit faster times than I’ve hit in months! After the third 500 I was tired though, so I decided do to the easy 10 min cool down and call it a day.image-16

The rest of the week will be a little more interesting as I am actually headed to a conference for the rest of the week which will make biking and swimming difficult/impossible. I plan to do a bike ride before I leave in the morning. If my legs feel good, I may try a short workout. If not, it’ll just be another recovery ride. Then Thursday and Friday I’ll do easy runs. I’m hoping my legs have recovered enough by then to handle running! On my schedule, I have bricks written for Thursday and Friday. Those obviously won’t happen, but that’s what next week is for! I’m hoping to resume a normal taper after this weird week.

Have you ever had two races only 3 weeks apart? 

How did you recover/train for them?

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