Rest week, Test week

I’ve reached my first rest week of 2014! Those of you who didn’t follow me last year, my training program is in 4 week blocks, and every four weeks, I have a rest week which is also my test week for each of my three events. It couldn’t have come at a better time either! This week I have felt very tired, so I was very grateful when I woke up this morning and discovered I didn’t have a hard bike workout! During my rest/test week, I do easy “recovery” workouts, then the second half of the week is test days. Here’s what it looks like.

Monday-usual easy day–just T25

Tuesday-1 hr run with 8 x 1 minute “sprints” on the treadmill. 1 hr swim consisting of 25m drills.20140128_202645

Wednesday-1 hr bike ride all in my “zone 2” which is race pace for a full IM. It was nice and relaxing!DSC05155-1

Thursday-swim test! This is a 1,000 meter all out test. I time myself to see how fast I can do it, then we figure out my paces for my future workouts from that.

Friday-bike test! The bike test is a 30 minute all out test. During the test, we gather my FTP (functional threshold power), max and average heart rate, and my cadence. We use this to program my “zones” for the next four weeks of workouts.

Saturday-run test!! This is again a 30 minute test. We use my max and average heart rate, and average speed to determine my paces for my next round of run workouts.

I’m excited but nervous to do the tests this week! I haven’t done a swim or run test yet this training season, but I did a bike test right at the beginning. I’m hoping for some improvement from my last test (in June), but as long as I’m faster than I was this time last year, I’ll be happy :) I’ll let you know how it goes too!


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