Rest Week!

I have made it through my second cycle of training for the year, and am now in my rest week! Each of my training cycles is 4 weeks long (3 weeks of building, and 1 week of rest/testing). This has been a busy month for me, so I am VERY appreciative of the opportunity to dial down my training and recover a little! I’m also very excited about this week because NEXT week I have the week off from work, so it really seems like two rest weeks in a row! I’m hoping to have a lot of time this week and next to get caught up on things at home, sleep a lot, foam roll A LOT, and pamper myself a little. image-29

I only have two more months of crazy business at my job, and then my work eases up immensely! That means I just have to get through two more training cycles before I get to be a “full time” athlete! I’m nervous because last year when my job started to get really busy (March), I developed my sciatic nerve injury. I know this wasn’t solely caused by being busy, but I know that didn’t help. AND, it just so happened to occur during the busiest month for me at work. However, this year, my training isn’t quite as time-consuming since I’m only doing half Ironman races this year. Also, my first race this year is two weeks later than last year, so my building period begins in April instead of March. Lastly, I’m taking much better care of myself this year by seeing my chiropractor regularly! I’m hoping these three factors will help me stay injury free this spring!

Right now, I’m just going to do what I can to keep my body healthy. I’m going to enjoy this rest week to it’s full potential! My workouts are not only easier, but they’re shorter, so I get to sleep in a little later too!

How about you? How is your training going this winter? Do you have any races lined up for the summer?

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