Rest week/Test week/Race week!

Woohoo! It’s rest week/test week/race week for me! As most of you know, every 4th week I have a rest week/test week. It just so happens that this week is going to be a race week for me too! My plan is to do a 10K track race on Saturday in place of my typical 30 minute run test. My run tests are usually on Saturdays, and it just so happens I’m working a track meet on Saturday, so why not run in it! Kill two birds with one stone :) I am a little nervous though. I’ve never raced a 10K….much less on a track! It could be interesting.. my plan is to wear my GPS watch on one wrist set to my 30 minute test time, then just have a running watch on my other wrist. That way, if I feel horrible after 30 minutes, I can drop out and still have it could for the run test at least :) Good backup plan, right?

So that takes care of my run test. As far as my swim and bike test, I plan to do the swim test on Thursday, but I’m going to move my bike test from Friday to Wednesday. That way my legs won’t be too dead for the 10K.

I’ll tell ya, every time I have a rest week, I am VERY ready for it! Last week, I was really starting to get tired and feel like my legs were dead, so once again I’m glad for a rest! Rest-Area-Sign_svg__med_I plan on doing two very easy runs today and Thursday. Tonight I’ll do an easy swim to just work on drills. (Thursday obviously is my swim test). Then my 30 minute bike test on Wednesday, and an easy short bike ride on Friday! Piece of cake :) I’ll let you all know how it goes at the end of the week!

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