Roll Recovery!

I just got a new “torture” device! It’s called “Roll Recovery”! I saw one of these several months ago, and had my eye on it. It’s a little pricey though, so I told myself it wasn’t necessary. However, my husband saw me eyeing it and thought it would make a great birthday present for me–it did!

wrapped in it's little carrying bag

wrapped in it’s little carrying bag

The Roll Recovery device is like a foam roller….but so much better! It has two sets of “rollers” that are held together with a spring-loaded strap. This makes it adjustable to fit different sizes of legs, arms, ect. It’s also nice because you can press it tighter to make the massage deeper, or you can pull it apart to be a more gentle massage.

Immediately after opening it, I started trying it out. It works great for the legs obviously, but it even works well on the arms! You have no idea how tight your arms get from swimming! It felt soooo good! image (6)John even liked it! His quads and IT bands get really tight and painful-so he liked the ability to spread the rollers apart more so that it didn’t put TOO much pressure on the muscles. image (7)Does it work? Well, let’s just say I rolled my calves with it and “dislodged” at knot that’s been there for quite some time! My calf is still sore 24 hours later! Yep, I think it works.

What do you all use for recovery? Do you do the standard stretching, or do you have other “techniques”?

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