Run test in 50 degrees

Yesterday I did my run test in 50 degrees and sun! I thought it would be great, but it actually ended up turning against me…

First of all, keep in mind I did my long bike ride on Saturday, so my legs could have started a little more fatigued than usual. Also, I was doing the run test in the afternoon, and I never run in the afternoon.

So here’s how it all went. We went to my usual run test sit around 3pm in the afternoon. It was a beautiful 50 degrees with bright sun and of course fierce wind :) I started off around 6 min mile pace as planned. I felt fine at first. It was difficult to hold my pace because of the wind, but I tried to push on the side the wind was against me, and then recover when it was at my back. I made it through the first 10 minutes in 5:58 pace-right on track. DSC05400However, once I hit the 15 minute mark, I started to feel very hot, and my legs started to tighten up. My form stiffened, and I wasn’t able to relax no matter what I told myself. I struggled and fought the entire last 15 minutes feeling worse and worse every step. DSC05410

I finally got to the end of the 30 minutes and ended up finishing with a 6:07 average pace. It was 7 seconds per mile slower than my last test, but given how I felt I was pretty surprised it was even that fast! I was certainly glad when it was over! I even got sunburnt! DSC05426 I guess when you’re used to running in the dark in 20-30 degrees, 50 and sunny is a little hard on you! I’m hoping I can recover in time for the marathon next week!


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