RUNNING errands!

Yesterday, my life, work, and workout schedule were a nightmare logistically! I literally ended up RUNNING errands to get life and my workouts in! :) Here’s how it all went down.

Last week, about this time, I was scheduled to have to be at work only from 5-8pm. I planned on going in earlier and doing office work-but this was my only scheduled responsibility. Because of that, I made plans to sleep in, get my workouts in leisurely, and have a massage in the afternoon before going in to work! It was the perfect plan.

Then, on Monday of this week, I found out I needed to be at work at 3. That made things a little tight because I’d be going straight to work after the massage. No big deal though…still plenty of time to sleep in, do housework, and do my workouts first.

Then, on Tuesday, I got an email saying we had to be on campus for required website pictures between 8:30am-10am. “WHAT???” I thought…. “How am I going to do that!” Well, I live about a 25 minute car drive away from work, so I knew I didn’t want to drive in, drive back to my town for my appointment, then drive back to work. That’s an extra 50 minutes of driving! So, I came up with a plan. :)

I already had an easy 1-2 hour ride planned for Thursday, so I decided I would bike in to work, shower (I brought clothes/shower stuff with me and left them in my office Wednesday), get my picture taken, change back into my bike clothes, and bike home! It went quite well! I got to campus and hauled my bike up to my office (2 flights of stairs), grabbed my duffel bag and a donut (It was donut Thursday!!!), and quickly showered.

Not your typical "transition" area!

Not your typical “transition” area!

I got my pic taken, and then got ready to leave again. I was literally only on campus for 20 minutes. :) I had a pretty easy ride home, and then planned on running once I got there.

Life happened again. :) I got a call from our mechanic that our truck was ready to be picked up. Yes, I could have made my husband figure out a way to get it after he was done work, but I figured it would be nice of me to get it since i was home for a couple hours. So, I ran TO the mechanic shop to get the truck! I brought my credit card and phone with me so that I could pay when I got there, but that was all I needed! The mechanic shop is only a few miles away from our house, so it wasn’t a big deal at all! I just did my normal workout run on the way there. When I walked into the shop, I was pretty sweaty and out of breath. It took a second for me to form the words “I’m here for my truck”, but eventually both the mechanic and I were on the same page. :)

Woohoo, made it to the shop! (Yes, I took this while running)

Woohoo, made it to the shop! (Yes, I took this while running)8

Yes, he probably thought I was a weirdo, but I wasn’t any sweatier than the mechanics were, so I didn’t feel too bad. :)

My sweaty, nasty self ready to drive home

My sweaty, nasty self ready to drive home

I still got home with plenty of time to eat lunch and relax for a bit before heading to my appointment and then straight to work after. All in all, it was a pretty productive day if I do say so myself!

Pretty fun way to run errands eh? 

Have you ever RUN (or Biked) your errands?

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