Off-Season Training Plans

Now that I’m officially in the off-season, it’s time for me to make plans for the rest of the year in terms of my training and goals for next year! I know, my last big race was less than 2 weeks ago, but I’m a very driven, goal-oriented person; if I don’t have something to work toward, I’ll go crazy! So, I don’t have any races planned out in stone, but I have a few ideas of what I hope to do next year.

-I’m going to join a local running club here and do several local trail and road races.

-I’m going to do a lot of the local triathlons next summer

-I plan on applying for the Rev3 triathlon team for next year. If I get on the team, I’ll do all of the Rev3/Challenge races that are within driving distance of us!

So, my off-season training plans obviously will need to entail triathlon training. Here’s what I plan to do:

Swim: I’m going to cut my swimming down to just twice a week for now (at least until January). I’m going to focus on form, and switching up my workouts (working more on speed than endurance). I’m also hoping to hire a coach to help me with my workouts.

I think I'll be doing a lot of kick-boarding too!

I think I’ll be doing a lot of kick-boarding too!

Bike: I’m also planning on changing my workouts on the bike. Again, I’m not going to focus as much on endurance, but work more on my power on the bike. I’m going to try to train more for the Olympic distance training. I do still plan to do 3 days of biking a week, but my workouts will be much shorter time than in the past. 1016054_810925842364_531522171_n

Run: My running days are going to stay the same amount, but again I’m changing my workouts for a few months. My heart rate gets too high during my races, so I want to train it at a lower rate so when I start doing hard workouts, my heart rate doesn’t sky rocket. :) For the next few months, I’m going to be doing all of my runs at a sloooooow pace at my “zone 2” heart rate. Basically the heart rate I can sustain a marathon at. Also, my weekly runs won’t be longer than an hour, and my long runs will only be about 90 minutes.

Lifting/conditioning: A lot of changes in the lifting/conditioning department! I’m planning on focusing on more power lifting and plyometrics. One of my friends is going to lift with me once a week, so I’m hoping she keeps me accountable to not slack off :) Also, I’ve started T25 again! My husband wanted to start doing it again, so for the next couple months, I’ll be doing it 5 days a week with him. I’m excited to be working out with him again!! DSC04723

So those are my plans for my off-season training! I’m excited to take things back a little bit in terms of hours of training, but also up my intensity and hopefully see some benefits!

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