Southwest Indoor Bike Time Trial #2 Recap

This past Sunday, I had my second bike time trial of the season at the Southwest Indoor Bike Time Trial series! My first of the “season” was 4 weeks ago. You can check out my recap of that race here. I was looking forward to this race, as one of my goals for 2016 was to PR in the bike time trial distance. My PR was last February, so now being 12 weeks postpartum, I was hoping for a good race! IMG_2900

For this race, my husband decided to come with me, so we brought the baby and our son with us. We got there about 40 minutes prior to the race, so I had a little time to warm-up, but not much. :) I was getting a good warm-up in, when my husband came over 20 minutes prior to my race start to tell me that the baby had just dirtied her diaper…..and went through her clothes. Oh dear…. I ran off with her to the locker room to change her real quick while my husband set my bike up on the trainer for the race. Of course, I’d forgotten to pack her an extra set of clothes (we were only going to be gone for 2 hours; what could happen? haha….). Sooo, I changed her, but the poor thing had to cheer mommy on while wearing only a diaper and sweatshirt! At least she had a sweatshirt on. :) #newmomfail? :)

So, after the diaper ordeal, I made it back to my bike exactly 5 minutes before the race was to start. I quickly went through the calibration, spun a little, and then we were off! I had about 30 seconds to focus my mind on the race, and NOT the baby. :)

I was conveniently positioned smack dab between the two best bikers of the series–husband and wife power couple! Ha, lovely…I thought. They’re my friends, but it’s sometimes embarrassing biking with them because they kick my butt! :) It was good motivation though!

I decided to start the race a lot more aggressively than I did my last race, and I stuck close to the two top female riders right from the beginning. I knew this would make me hurt at the end, because the second half is much harder, but I had a goal–PR!

I focused on pushing hard up the hills, and maintaining my watts going down hill. I tried to keep the two top females within a “bike length” away the whole race.

We made it through the halfway mark, and I was actually feeling pretty good, so I kicked it up a notch! As we neared the last hill, the two females ahead of me weren’t within reach, but they were still close, so I used them as my motivation to push as hard as I could!

I didn’t look at the clock the entire race until I was nearly finished. I saw that it said 16:55. “OK, I said to myself. Break 17 minutes!” And, I did!! I finished with a time of 16:59. And guess what? That’s a PR! Wohoo! First goal of 2016 accomplished! I felt SO much better than I had 4 weeks ago, and I raced SOOO much better! I’m looking forward to what 2016 races have in store!

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