Southwest Ohio Indoor Time Trial #1

Yesterday, I did the Southwest Ohio Indoor Time Trial! This was #1 of 3 for me this “off season”. I’ll be doing one in January, and one again in February! This was my first ever bike time trial, so I didn’t fully know what to expect. However, I figured my 30 minute bike fitness tests would be somewhat similar to this, so I kind of had an idea of how much I would suffer :)

When we got there, the race before me was about to start, and several people were warming up on their trainers in the back.

The scene we walked in to....

The scene we walked in to….

I had warmed up for 45 minutes at home because our portable trainer is being borrowed by a friend right now, and we didn’t want to bring my electronic one. However, when we got there, the lady who checked me in said she had an extra trainer, so she let me use it to warm up! So, I hoped on that and flipped through the gears on my bike–I’m sad to admit I haven’t ridden my road bike since September! It took some practice to REMEMBER how to use those shifters! haha…

Once the race before me finished, they let us bring our bikes up and hook them on the Compu-trainers. They calibrated them according to our weight, and then we got to warm up on them for a few minutes before our race time came.

thinking: "what am I getting myself into???"

thinking: “what am I getting myself into???”

The time trial could hold up to 8 riders per race, but there were only 7 riders in mine. They showed everyone’s position up on the screen, and you could see when the hills were coming, how much power you were doing, and what place you were in. IMG_1584

The race was 6.2 miles with several hills, though the steepest were only 3% grade so it wasn’t excruciating. I started off pretty hard, trying to get a good position. I quickly tired though because my lung capacity is somewhat diminished due to my cold. I tapered off a little and tried to hold a hard effort without killing myself. By halfway through, I was beat! I was pushing as hard as I could though, and everyone there was cheering, so it encouraged me to keep going. IMG_1583

I’d told the nice lady beside me before the race that when I do my 30 minute bike tests, I cry every time, so I expected to cry during this. Believe me, I wanted to cry the whole second half of that race! But, I didn’t. :) However, when I finished, I almost threw up! If there had been a trash can next to me, I would’ve let loose in that! However, truth be told, my stomach felt a little queasy all day ever since I drank garlic that morning….

I finished cooling down, and then hopped of the bike. All the volunteers were SOO nice, and all the racers were too! Several people were there from a bike club a few towns away from me. I’ve met a few people from the club before and loved them, so it was cool to meet a few other people I’ve heard about! Overall, it was a GREAT experience. I worked as hard as I possibly could, and I felt like my time was pretty decent for my first time. I’m hoping to improve more next time!

Race Results for Hannah Stedge


Racer Category Race Date MM:SS Avg MPH Peak MPH Avg Watts Peak Watts AvgWatts/KG Location
Hannah Stedge F19-29 14-12-14 18:01 20.64 26.42 205.18 375 3.93 Dayton,OH


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