Splash ‘N Dash #1 Race Recap

Yesterday, I was able to participate in a Splash ‘N Dash race put on by the ORRRC (Ohio River Runner’s Club) that I’m a member of. I’d heard of these races last year, but for some reason I’d never gotten around to competing in one. They do them throughout the winter, once a month. So, this year, you may remember, one of my goals was to do at least one of these races.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get the race in yesterday or not since registration was at 7am, and there was a required all athlete meeting at 7:45am. However, I figured I’d pack my race bag Saturday night and see what happened as far as the baby’s schedule went. :) Well, she had a bit of a rough night. She was awake at 4 briefly, then at 5 to eat. So, I went back to bed after feeding her at 5am thinking the race probably wasn’t going to happen. But, then she woke up at 6:50am, waking me up too, so I fed her and got dressed in my swim suit, and was out the door by 7:35am. Thankfully, the race sight was literally 2 minutes from my house! So I got there in time to register and be at the meeting. However, since I registered basically last, that meant I got in the pool basically last as well. It was “first come first served” in terms of heats.

The race started a few minutes after 8, and I enjoyed watching them start!

Getting ready for the first "heat"

Getting ready for the first “heat”

The way they ran the “heats” was different than I imagined though. They just went through in order of those registered, and when someone finished the swim, they called the next person in line. It made it pretty efficient! However, since I was a newbie, I didn’t realize how efficient it would be. So I stood around and waited figuring it would be a while. I had a Hammer gel, set up my “transition” site and then kind of just watched the swimmers.

Got everything all laid out!

Got everything all laid out!

I didn’t want to warm up too soon because I was afraid of getting cold (the water wasn’t very warm). However, at 8:30, the race director called me and said I was next! Ops, I didn’t warm up!

So, I hopped in the pool completely cold without even stretching…haha…fail. I bobbed up and down a couple times and then told the lap counter I was ready. They just timed us all individually, so it was like a time trial. Amazingly, I didn’t feel too bad swimming, but I took it pretty easy since I hadn’t warmed up. I finished the 1,000yds in 17:59. I jumped out of the pool and headed over to my “transition” site. I quickly dried off and threw on my running tights, a shirt, socks, shoes, and hat/gloves. It was 40 degrees out thankfully, so I didn’t have to worry about freezing by running in a wet swim suit.

I was through “transition” in 2 minutes and started off on the run!

The run course started off around a pathway and then went into some really nice neighborhoods! I’d never run in those neighborhoods even though they were less than 2 miles from my house, so it was cool to have some new scenery! The course was actually relatively hilly too which was fun. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the run, I was starving because in my rush to get out of the house, all I had for “breakfast” was a banana! Soooo I didn’t have much energy. I still finished the 5k in 21:40 though which I was pleased with! I immediately scarfed down some post race snacks and grabbed my Recoverite that I’d thankfully remembered to pack in my bag Saturday night!

This saved my life because immediately after getting home, I had to tend to the baby and didn't get to eat until an hour later!!

This saved my life because immediately after getting home, I had to tend to the baby and didn’t get to eat until an hour later!!

My total time was 41:47 which put me 17th overall (out of 62) and 2nd female (out of 26). I wasn’t too concerned about my results though, because I literally had no idea what I was doing, AND didn’t decide I was even going to do the race until an hour prior to it. :) I enjoyed it a lot though, and I want to do the next one in February! Then I’ll be looking for some faster times!!

Any of you ever done a Splash ‘N Dash event?

Or an indoor triathlon? I’m interested in one of those as well. :)

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