Spring Forward Probs

I am sure all of you evening runners are ecstatic about the recent time change. I however am experiencing some serious spring forward “probs”! You see, I do most of my workouts in the mornings. Typically I consider myself a morning person. Where I grew up, the sun rose pretty early even in the winter, so I never struggled getting out of bed. In Ohio though, that’s a different story. Throughout the winter, I’m lucky if the sun is up by 7am. Then, just when it starts rising a little earlier, BAM, spring forward happens! I feel like I was FINALLY getting used to waking up at 6am to do my morning runs/rides. I could leave the house by 6:30, and it was light enough to see where I was going and for cars to see me. This week, on both of my runs, the sun didn’t rise until I was on my cool-down. So depressing!

So, what have I been doing to survive these dark mornings? I can’t very well just sleep an hour longer because that would mean being late to work.

First off, I have changed my cell phone alarm. Sounds dumb, but my old one was very intrusive and loud. When it went off, I just wanted to stop it as soon as possible and go back to sleep. Now that it’s pitch dark when it goes off, I can’t afford to roll over and sleep “a few more minutes”. So, my alarm is now a more pleasant, gentle alarm that makes it easier to wake up to. Also, I do not allow myself to hit the snooze. If I allow it once, it could get out of control :)

Second, I have not adjusted my wake-up schedule at all. I briefly thought of taking it easy on myself this week and switching some of my workouts to the evenings. BUT, if I did this, I would never get used to waking up in the dark. So I’m going cold-turkey :)

I’ve also made friends with my trusty headlamp again. I hate running in the dark, but if I have a nice bright light to guide me, it makes it a little more bearable. And it’s safer :) IMG_0915[1]I’ve also strengthened my bond with coffee! Haha, I don’t drink it before my workout-makes my heart rate soar if I do, so I have it after I’m done. Usually I would only have coffee a couple times a week, and not until I get to work. This week? I’ve made it almost every morning at home, and if not at home, I definitely have had some STRONG coffee once I’m at work! Seriously, it’s bad. I’ll wean myself off it though….in May…. :) IMG_0916[1]


Lastly, one awesome thing that made this week better, as that last night, I finally got my first Hammer shipment! Yay! Now, nothing in here specifically helps me deal with my dark early mornings, but a little ‘retail therapy’ never hurts 😉IMG_0919[1]

The one positive thing about spring forward though is that means spring is on it’s way. The days are getting longer every day. The sun will rise earlier every day. Eventually it will be warm and light on my runs. But for now? I push through the “trials” and press on to my goals. As the New Balance mantra goes: “Excellent trained all winter”. If I can’t train through the tough winter/early spring months, I can’t expect to be excellent in the summer/fall races!

How are you all doing with your training after Daylight Savings? Are you an evening runner or a morning runner? How do you adjust when it’s dark for your training? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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