Spring planting!

Last night, John and I turned “training” into something a bit non-traditional. We planted a vegetable garden! We have flower gardens throughout our property, but we’ve never had a vegetable garden before. Last year, we tried to have one, but never got around to getting topsoil for it. This year, we were a little more on top of things.

Last night, when we got home from work, we took the truck to pick up some top soil and compost. When we got home, we lined the bottom of our raised bed frames with garden fabric (to keep the weeds out). image (13)Once we lined all of the beds, we (meaning John) shoveled out the dirt and compost into the raised beds. Yes, John shoveled it out, which was a LOT of work, but I raked it out evenly in each of the raised beds, so I had some manual labor as well. :) image (14)

Finally, we got all the dirt shoveled into the raised beds and all flattened out. Then we planted our vegetables! image (10)

Here’s how it looked when we finished! All planted and watered! image (11)

I can’t wait till we have some home-grown vegetables to eat this summer! We’ll be happy to not have to buy our produce from the store! Do any of you plant vegetables for the summer? What do you plant?


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