Spring Race (s?)

If you read my post last week, I was debating whether or not to do a Spring race. Well, now it looks like I am….and I’m not just doing one! Here’s how this all went down….

A track meet is coming up for the local University I work for. A couple months ago, one of our coaches suggested I enter the open 10K. “Why not?” I thought…..it could be fun. I’ve never raced a 10K before, but I know I can race one. I put it in the back of my mind, and didn’t think much of it, until a few weeks ago when I was looking at my training schedule and realized that my next run test would be on the same day as that track meet. My run test is 30 minutes (approx 5 miles). I thought to myself “why not just make it a race and add 1.2 miles to it!” Sounds like a good idea, huh? I’m still debating-haven’t signed up yet, but it does sound promising.

Then, to my next spring race. So my whole post last week was debating whether or not to do a spring marathon. I had in my head that it was an either/or type of thing. Either I do a Spring marathon, or I do a Fall marathon. I was talking to my sister, and she suggested, why not do both? Hmmmmm……good idea! I mean, this race I was considering was super cheap anyway…why NOT do both a fall and a spring race? This way I can go for my PR now, and then do a relaxing fall marathon with my husband at a “vacation” spot! Best of both worlds. logo

So I did it, I signed up for the Xenia ORRRC Marathon on April 6th! My longest run has been 20 miles, so this Saturday I’ll do about a 2 hour run, then the Saturday before the race will actually be this 10K (if I do it!). Perfect, right? It actually does seem to fit pretty well. After this Saturday, my long runs were going to decrease anyway and become more like extended workouts. Well, why NOT do a marathon now since I’ve worked up to the distance! Also, I know I’m not in race shape, but I should be able to comfortably hold a 7:30 pace which would be a PR for me anyway. AND, if I don’t all out race it, I’ll be good to pick up my training again the following week. The race is just so close to me, and so cheap that I really couldn’t resist signing up for it. :)

I’m excited about this marathon, and the possibility of a 10K as well! I definitely didn’t plan on racing in March and April, but I think these races will be well enough in advance of my triathlons that I won’t have too much difficulty recovering. My first tri is June 1, so plenty of time. :)

How about you all? Have you signed up for any unexpected races this spring? Any of you doing the Xenia marathon? I’d love a pacer!!

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