Spring Training

I work at a college, so in my mind, it is spring right now (spring semester). Therefore, I am calling what I’m doing for training, my spring training :) Currently, I am in my base period of training. This means that I am just building my endurance, form, and strength for the next several weeks. Here’s what my week will look like for the next several weeks.

Mondays: Sleep in! Optional bike ride in the morning, and get to work by 9:30am. In the evening, do a T25 workout with my husband.

Tuesdays: 6:30am wake up, 1 hr run workout specifically addressing my form, then 15 minute on my swim halo bench to work on my swim strength. Get to work by 9:30am. Swim workout at 7:30pm. This is a 1 hour workout consisting of 25 meter drills.

Wednesdays: 6am wake up, 2 hr bike ride. This season, I am really focusing on my bike power, and thus am putting much more effort and time into improving it. Work by 9:30am, then a T25 workout in the evening with my husband.

Thursdays: Same exact structure as Tuesdays

Fridays: 6am wake up, then a 2 hr bike ride with my friend, Kelly. Kelly is my running buddy, who has recently picked up biking, so right now she’s my biking buddy :) I usually get to work by 10am, then do another T25 workout in the evening with my husband.DSC04684

Saturdays: sleep in! (usually) Long run, for a couple more weeks, I’ll be at 75 minutes (which is 10 miles), then I’ll start increasing it 15 minutes each week. During my long run, I focus on staying in zone 2 heart rate (which is my endurance zone) Long swim-for my long swims, I do 500m repeats. I am at 3 right now, and will increase by 1 each week. My pace for the repeats is my Ironman pace (so a comfortable pace that I could race for 2 miles). I finish off the day with a T25 workout again with John.

Sundays: sleep in! T25 before church, then after church I do my long bike ride. Right now, and for several weeks, I will be doing a 2hr ride completely in my zone 2 heart rate. After a couple weeks of base, I’ll start building that by 15 minutes each week as well.

So there’s my spring training for ya! How many of you are doing different training right now to build up to your “race season”?

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