Super Housewife!

Yesterday, I had the day off work–AND training! I rarely get a day off work, or training, so when I do, I make the best of it and become a super housewife! I hardly ever do housework during the week, and on the weekends, I’m so tired from my long runs, swims, and bikes that I do the bare minimum of cleaning after. However, yesterday was a Monday; all I had to do for training was strength training-I did T25! Once I finished that, I immediately turned on the streaming for The Boston Marathon! I watched it from start to finish for both the women’s and men’s field. While I was watching, I returned emails, and did some grading for my classes. I’d say I was very productive! image (3)

Once the marathon ended, I knew I had to get to work. I cleaned the house, washed the dishes, and did the laundry in just a couple hours. After that, I quickly went to the BMV to renew my license. :) When I got home, I thought I’d be super helpful to my husband and mow the lawn for the first time this year! Unfortunately, I didn’t check the tires before starting the lawn mower, and I quickly realized (after getting stuck in a hole) that one of the tires was COMPLETELY flat. Ops..

Thankfully, a kid motorist saw me trying to lift the lawn mower out of the hole, and he stopped to help me. We quickly discovered that the tire was a goner, and he helped me jack it up and take the tire off. I then called John, and he was able to stop and buy a new tire on his way home from work! image (5)

The lawn didn’t get mowed, but while I was waiting for John, I weeded ALL the flower beds around our house! Like I said, I went into super housewife-mode! See what I can accomplish when I take just one day off work/training? Now back to training today. I’m a little sore from weeding, so running should be interesting. :) image (4)

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