Supplements for tendon/muscle health

I was talking to my sister earlier this week about her latest tendon injury, and she was asking why she was more prone to tendonitis than other people seemed to be. It’s true-I started to have an Achilles issue last week, and after just two days of me treating it, it has completely resolved. Leah however is not that lucky. I have found in my experience that some people are just more prone to tendon issues than others.

Often, tendonitis and other tendon injuries are cause either by over training, improper training, or improper/old shoes. However, even with following proper training and shoe rules, some people develop tendon injuries. The thought occurred to me that perhaps it was related to diet, so I did some research.

Obviously we all know that protein is good for rebuilding your muscles, and thus it can potentially help tendons as well. Some good forms of protein are meat, milk, and whey protein (animal proteins), and vegetable proteins (soy, rice, legumes). Source. We all learned from science class that proteins are made up of amino acids. One very important amino acid is glucosamine! You’ve probably heard of this from supplements-commonly advertised for joint health. It is found in foods, but perhaps a supplement might be warranted if you are prone to injury.

Along with eating protein though, it is important to consume enough fats in your diet. According to the same source as above, a diet low in fat could result in a lack of energy produced, and thus poor tissue maintenance. Which means, if you are restricting all fats from your diet (even the good ones), you might actually be making yourself more prone to injury. Have you heard of omega-6 and omega-3? Those are fatty acids which aid in recovery-specifically for their anti-inflammatory affects! A fish oil or amino acid supplement would suffice if you don’t eat a lot of fish :)

Other great supplements you could use to aid in your recovery/injury prevention are Bromelain and Vitamin C which reduce inflammation, Vitamin A, and Calcium which helps with healing connective tissue and muscle. Source.

You can purchase all of these supplements over the counter. Before doing so, you should check with your doctor or nutritionist. If you are a pretty competitive athlete, you might also consider supplements that contain these vitamins/proteins and also help with your training. Hammer Nutrition sells Endurance Amino caps which are great for muscle recovery, and Race Caps Supreme which also aid in recovery as well as enhance your endurance. Keep in mind, just because you try these, or any other supplements, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever get injured, but perhaps it could help in some way!

Leah is going to try these supplements to see if they help her! What about you? Do you find that you’re very prone to certain types of injury? Perhaps it could be nutrition related!


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