Swim Test Update

I did my March Swim Test last night! Here’s how it went…

Thursday morning started early with my easy morning run, then I headed to work for a WHIRLWIND day! Seriously, I can’t remember a day THAT busy in a long time…..it was non-stop for 8 hours. Today I’m going to be at a conference all day, so I spent much of yesterday getting ready to be out of work for one day. It’s crazy how much you have to prepare to NOT be at work! :) Anyway, so by the time I got home from work, I was physically and mentally very drained. I told John as we were leaving to go to the gym that my mind wasn’t in it and I didn’t feel like doing the test. He told me I better get my mind in it by the time we got there :)

I tried to focus and get ready for the swim on the drive over, but it wasn’t happening. My mind was thinking about everything else OTHER than swimming…. We got to the pool and I started warming up. I felt very unbalanced and unfocused warming up. I completed the warm-up and told John I still didn’t feel like I could focus on the swim. He calmed me down and told me to just take my time and start when I was ready. I took a few minutes and did some head dunks and visualized myself swimming (yes, that helps), and then I was ready to give it a go. P1020255

The first 100 meters I felt slow, but smooth. I picked it up for the next 100 and felt good. Between 300-500 I felt myself zoning in and out and struggled to maintain my focus. After coming through the halfway point though my muscles were screaming loud enough to demand my attention 😉 I pushed the pace a little, smoothed out my form, and gutted out the last 500 meters. John took my splits the whole time, and my last 500 was faster than my first-AND each 50m was faster than the previous one for the last 500 meters! (I wasn’t looking at my watch either-just going on feel). I was VERY happy with how I felt the test was going, and when I finished, I was even more happy to discover than I set a new 1,000 meter PR by almost 20 seconds!! I’ve now PRed every single swim test since I started swimming. It shows that I’m improving, but also that I started out pretty bad!! IMG_0940[1]

I’m excited to see my improvements each month in the pool, and I already know I can improve more next month by increasing my form training!

Next up for me is my run test (10K race) on Saturday! Wish me luck! I’ll be extra nervous because it’s my first ever 10K race! AND I’m running against college kids. Why did I think this was a good idea? Haha, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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