T25 Alpha Update

It has been 5 weeks since we started doing the T25 workouts, so I wanted to give you an update. We have officially completed the “Alpha” program. Typically, after 5 weeks of Alpha, you are supposed to move on to the Beta workouts. However, since we are just doing this as cross training, and as a supplement to our other workouts, we’ve decided to continue doing the Alpha workouts for another 5 weeks. The Beta workouts are much harder, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for them yet, haha! In addition to remaining in Alpha, I may start to do just 3 days a week of the workouts, while John continues with all 5 days. My workouts are starting to ramp up, and I want to make sure not to over-extend myself. I still love the workouts though, and I’m getting pretty good at them!

The program recommends you take measurements at the beginning of the program, and keep track of them each week. When we started these workouts, I was hoping they would help me build muscle and gain weight. Unfortunately, weight gain has not happened….I’ve actually lost 4 lbs. However, when we started this program, I was also beginning my new season of triathlon workouts. I’m attributing the weight loss to my swimmming, biking, and running because last year I lost weight doing those workouts as well.

So, have I gained muscle? Well, since the beginning of the program I have actually lost 1 cm around my chest, 2 cm around my waist, 2 cm around my arms, and 1 cm around my thighs and calves. I was discouraged with this at first, but just looking at my leg muscles, they do look more defined and bulky….at least to me they do….not really in these pictures though!

Before T25

Before T25

After 5 weeks of T25

After 5 weeks of T25









Perhaps with this program, I’ve just toned my legs more. I’m hoping as I keep doing the workouts that I start to see some measureable changes in my leg size! Bring on the muscle! Not that I want to get huge…I just want to have stronger legs for biking.

John has been making progress as well. He is quite confident at doing each workout, and only has to follow the modifier on occasional moves. Since the beginning of the program, he has lost 1 lb (he gained over Christmas :) ), 1 cm around his chest, 1.5 cm around his waist, 2 cm around his arms, and 2 cm around his thighs.

Those of you readers who have started the T25 program, how is it going for you? I hope you’re enjoying it and starting to see results! Let me know how it’s going!

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